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Tanjung Uban port (W Bintan)

Flag_En Tanjung Uban (Tanjunguban) is situated on the W coast of Pulau Bintan at the N entrance of Selat Riau.
Tanjung Uban is primarily an oil terminal for trans-shipping oil owned by P. T. Stanvac Indonesia.
There are six T-headed berths which accommodate vessels up to 243m in length. These jetties, numbered 1 through 6 from the N, vary in length. Jetty 1 and Jetty 2 can handle LPG products and have 17.4 and 11.7m alongside, respectively.
The naval base at Mentigi, S of the above berths, comprises two jetties, each 100m in length, and lying perpendicular to the shoreline.
Some oil tanks, with a boiler house, stand close N of Tanjung. Three tall chimneys are plainly visible when approaching from either N or S; radio masts stand about 0.5 mile S of the chimneys.
An unofficial light is shown from the head of each of the petroleum piers at Tanjung Uban.

A beacon, with a red cylindrical topmark, stands on the shore reef about 1 mile N of Tanjung Uban.

Pilotage for berthing is reported to be compulsory for all vessels.
Advanced notice of 72 hours must be given. Vessels berth between the hours of 0600 and 1800 and unberth at any time.

The pilot boards 1.25 miles SW of the S pier. For vessels arriving from the N the pilot boards in position 1°15.1'N, 104°12.0'E.

Caution is necessary when docking at Tanjung Uban as a reef lies parallel to the dock, and an undercurrent frequently sets in the opposite direction to the main surface current.

Tel: 62 771 81064
Fax: 62 771 483454
Channel depth: 11 m
Anchorage depth: 23,2 m
Cargo pier depth: 18,6 m
Terminal depth: 18,6 m

The current runs at the rate of about 5 knots in the channel in the vicinity of Tanjung Uban, and about 2 to 5 knots at the berths at the loading station.

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